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Photo missions 

One of the key activity of the project is to document how seabird harvest takes place at present in the North Atlantic Zone. This is done through visiting sites in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands and join locals when they go hunting, egg collecting or gathering down. From these visits, photo reportages has been created and through the photography of Carsten Egevang the audience gets a rare chance to witness how seabird harvesting takes place.

The aim of the photo reportages is not to paint a romantic picture of seabird harvesting, but to show it exactly as it is carried out in the Nordic countries. Even if this involves showing images of a bird like the likeable Puffin as it is being killed. Through my photos I want to show the habitat of the seabirds, the surrounding environment, the small remote settlements and the local people, for whom seabird harvesting is still important”, say Carsten Egevang

Carsten Egevang on photo mission, Grimsey, Iceland.
Carsten Egevang photographing puffins on Grimsey, Iceland.

See photo reportage on seabird harvest from Iceland:

See photo reportage on seabird harvest from Greenland:

See photo reportage on seabird harvest from the Faroe Islands:

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