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GREENLAND - THIS IS A TEST VERSION – comprehensive text will follow as the project progresses 

There is a long tradition for harvesting seabird in Greenland as a necessary food supply or for their down or skins. Today seabirds are still important for subsistence and recreational hunting, but harvest levels are declining.


A total of 19 seabird species can be harvested in Greenland. The harvest is regulated by open and closed seasons and daily quotas apply for some species. In general, the birds are now protected in the spring and during the breeding season, usually from the beginning of March or May until the end of August or mid-October. For five species less restrictive rules apply to remote communities in North and East Greenland. Egg collection is allowed for little auks, northern fulmars, glaucous gull and great black-backed gull, but are limited to certain areas or periods.

The little auks of Thule


In the northernmost parts of Greenland – in the Thule area – a special form of harvesting takes place. The little auk is found in incredible numbers and for a short period of time, locals harvest the abundant food source. As the only place in Greenland birds are caught by ketches.


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Historical images from Greenland


A small selection of historical images from Greenland showing the harvest of seabirds.

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